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Kids Wish Network On Tour Delivers $120,000 in Necessities, Toys to At-Risk Children in Danville, Illinois

Posted in Press Releases on October 25th, 2012

DANVILLE, Ill. – Tampa-based children’s charity Kids Wish Network and partner Megatrux, Inc. has delivered more than $120,000 in toys and necessities to children living with poverty, homelessness, abuse, neglect and illnesses in Danville, Illinois through its Kids Wish Network On Tour program. Kids Wish Network is an international charitable organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children having experienced life-altering situations.

“Our On Tour events give us the opportunity to travel to cities across the country to help bring resources to children and families facing difficult circumstances,” said Kids Wish Network Executive Director Anna Lanzatella. “These events are more than just the chance to deliver toys and necessities – they help strengthen the bonds between city officials and communities. We love to see a child’s face light up with joy as they are handed a gift bag by their mayor, a uniformed police officer, or a firefighter.”

A Kids Wish Network On Tour truck, sponsored by Megatrux, Inc. rolled into Danville, Illinois last weekend packed to the brim with more than $120,000 worth of necessities, toys, educational products and other items from Kids Wish Network’s treasured “Guardian Angel” donors to be given to at-risk children dealing with adversities such as poverty, illnesses, and homelessness. Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer kicked off the event with a heartfelt speech explaining the city’s appreciation for Kids Wish Network’s much-needed assistance. He also presented Executive Director Lanzatella with a mayoral proclamation as a token of gratitude from the city of Danville.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the Kids Wish Network On Tour and the emotional uplift they provided the children in this community,” said Mayor Scott Eisenhauer. “It truly was better than a Christmas morning as I watched families who struggle daily making ends meet ‘light up’ as their kids were handed a bag of toys – sometimes larger than them. The event also allowed our city police, fire, staff, and leaders to see firsthand the joy and comfort a single gesture can bring in the lives of those burdened by poverty. For both the givers and receivers, it was a day of inspiration and motivation that would never have been possible without the efforts of Kids Wish Network On Tour.”

Mayor Eisenhauer and a great number of local city officials, police officers and firefighters all pitched in to make sure that each and every child present received a gift bag. Throughout the day, over 1,000 at-risk children and their families attended; every child left with their arms full of toys and necessities, while their parents went home with smiles on their faces and appreciation in their hearts.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following for making the Kids Wish Network On Tour event in Danville such a success: City of Danville, IL, First Presbyterian Church, Megatrux, Inc., Andrew M. Gottlieb, Arnold & Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation, Mark & Shelley Breiner, BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois, Danville Days Hotel & Restaurant, Dunkin Donuts, El Toro, Hampton Inn & Suites Danville, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Danville, Holiday Inn Express, Indianapolis, Little Caesars, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Papa John’s Pizza, Royal Donut, Sam’s Club, Save A Lot, Starbucks Coffee, Stone Creek Dining Company, Indianapolis, Subway, and Wiener Works.

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If you know of a city or county that may benefit from Kids Wish Network On Tour, please call 727-937-3600 or toll free 888-918-9004. 

Become a “Guardian Angel” for Kids in Need: Donate Your Products to Kids Wish Network

Posted in Press Releases on October 11th, 2012

There is nothing quite like bringing a smile to the face of a child whose days have been darkened by homelessness, illness, poverty, neglect, or abuse. You, too, can create these smiles by becoming a “Guardian Angel” donor for international children’s charity Kids Wish Network.

 An overwhelming number of families are flooding into shelters, and seeking assistance from outreach programs and charities nationwide. The majority are no longer able to provide even the most basic necessities, let alone toys and educational products, for their children. Kids Wish Network needs the help of caring companies to give these kids the joy and comfort they so deserve during their times of need.  

Each and every day, all year round, Kids Wish Network works tirelessly to brighten the lives of courageous kids in the care of hospitals and other facilities through their Holiday of Hope Gift Bank program, as well as to at-risk children across the country through “Kids Wish Network On Tour.” Both programs provide toys, clothes, educational products, and other necessities, to children facing difficult circumstances nationwide.

Kids Wish Network relies on the generosity of manufacturers and companies nationwide to donate their products to these brave children, and each donor is proudly honored as a “Guardian Angel” for kids in need.

If your company manufactures or distributes toys, clothes, books, accessories, games, activity kits, or other items appropriate for children from infancy to 18, please contact Kids Wish Network’s Distribution Center. Any help would be tremendously appreciated and every donation is given directly to the children. 

For more information, please visit www.kidswishnetwork.orgIf you would like to donate merchandise, please call 727- 937-3600 or toll free at 888-918-9004.

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System-Enterprises LLC. Answers Kids Wish Network’s Plea for Games to Brighten the Days of Children Facing Difficult Circumstances

Posted in Press Releases on October 4th, 2012

HOLIDAY, Fla. – International children’s charity Kids Wish Network put out a call for games and toys to delight and engage children in need and System-Enterprises LLC. answered with a donation of their fun, interactive RingStix games.

System-Enterprises LLC. was created in 2010 to develop and produce quality products based on their own unique designs as well as others. They have successfully created a number of fun, innovative products, including their famous RingStix outdoor game, which is touted as “the outdoor game you’ll have the most fun with.” RingStix is also the winner of numerous awards, including the Dr. Toy Award for the Top Ten Best Active Products, the Gold Award from Family Review Center, Best Toy Guide’s Best Toys of 2012, and an Award of Excellence from The Noise on Toys.

Recently, Kids Wish Network sent out a plea for donations of games, toys and other necessities to distribute to children in need and System-Enterprises LLC. responded immediately by providing a large donation of their creative RingStix outdoor games. Not only is playing outdoors good for kids everywhere, but it is especially beneficial for the children facing difficult situations who are served by Kids Wish Network’s gift-giving programs. The RingStix games work wonders in encouraging kids to play outdoors with others, which also boosts self confidence and promotes healthy thinking and living – both of which are extremely important for kids dealing with poverty, homelessness and neglect.

All of the RingStix games from System-Enterprises LLC. will be given directly into the hands of deserving children nationwide through Kids Wish Network’s unique Holiday of Hope Gift Banks and Kids Wish Network On Tour. Both programs bring joy to children all across the country facing difficult circumstances such as illnesses, abuse, neglect and homelessness by providing them with toys, books, clothes, educational products, games and other necessities.

For their generosity and their energetic and entertaining games, Kids Wish Network would like to send a tremendous ‘thank you’ out to their newest “Guardian Angel” donor, System-Enterprises LLC.

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If your company manufactures or distributes any toys, gifts, games, accessories, electronics or anything else geared towards children and teenagers, please contact Kids Wish Network’s Distribution Center. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.  For more information on Kids Wish Network, please visit If you would like to donate merchandise, please call 727- 937-3600 or toll free at 888-918-9004.

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