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Kids Wish Network Delivers Necessities, Toys to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Posted in Press Releases on December 27th, 2012

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Tampa-based children’s charity Kids Wish Network announce today that it has delivered nearly $12,000 in toys and other necessities to victims of Hurricane Sandy at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in New York. Kids Wish Network’s Holiday of Hope Gift Banks provide emergency rooms, pediatric units, and other children’s care facilities with age appropriate gifts to offer a welcome distraction to children facing often traumatic situations or life threatening illnesses.

“We were all deeply troubled by the toll taken by Hurricane Sandy. When Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center reached out to us for help, we immediately got to work arranging a shipment of necessities to help ease the burdens placed on the young children in their care,” said Kids Wish Network Executive Director, Anna Lanzatella. “We are so grateful for the generous support of the Arnold and Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation, which has helped us provide gifts to children in hospitals and medical facilities for the past several years.”

Kids Wish Network is an international charitable organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children having experienced life-altering situations. Although known for its wish granting for children facing life-altering issues, Kids Wish Network also works with more than 180 hospitals and care facilities throughout the United States to distribute approximately $2 million in gifts and necessities each year. 

After the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, Child Life Specialists at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center reached out to Kids Wish Network for help in providing their patients with items to replace what had been lost. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Arnold and Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation, Kids Wish Network responded with a shipment of warm winter clothes, children’s furniture, toys and other necessities to be given out during two events at the hospital.

In addition to receiving their brand new gifts, the children were treated to arts and crafts activities where they made creative thank you cards for Kids Wish Network, and enjoyed magic shows, games, and snacks. Also present was Kids Wish Network’s Board member and trustee of the Arnold and Joy Gottlieb Family Foundation, Andy Gottlieb., who  took time to help the children with their arts and crafts projects and he assisted in handing out the toys.

“Words just can’t describe how special this is to them,” said Gottlieb. “I’m excited and proud to be able to help these children who have been through so much. What we’re doing means the world to them.”

According to Brookdale Child Life Specialist Janis Atty, “Some of our patients and staff have been hit pretty hard and it was really great that Kids Wish Network was able to help us. Seeing the smiles on their little faces really makes you forget all the stresses and it just lets them be kids for a while. I really can’t thank Kids Wish Network enough for all that they’ve done.”

Kids Wish Network Supports U.S. Military with Shipment of $280,000 in Toys, Necessities for Operation Toy Drop

Posted in Press Releases on December 20th, 2012

TAMPA, Fla – Florida-based children’s charity Kids Wish Network today announced it has provided more than $280,000 in toys and necessities in support of the U.S. Army’s Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop for children in need in Fort Bragg, N.C., and in agencies across the United States. Kids Wish Network is an international charitable organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children having experienced life-altering situations.

“Our partnership with Operation Toy Drop is a way for Kids Wish Network to honor the service members and their families who have given so much to protect our country. As we continue to look for opportunities to help children in need all over the country, we will always hold a special place for this program. Knowing that our assistance has helped Operation Toy Drop grow beyond Ft Bragg to include military bases across the United States means so much to us,” said Kids Wish Network Executive Director, Anna Lanzatella.

Since 1998, U.S. Army base Fort Bragg and the U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command [USACAPOC (A)] have hosted the Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop to benefit local children in need. During a week-long toy drive, paratroopers and other members of the military bring new, unwrapped toys to the base to benefit the children in need all around Fort Bragg. Once collected, the toys are sorted, wrapped, and distributed to local children’s homes and social service agencies. Since the Operation’s inception, the Army has collected and distributed more than 75,000 toys for children in need. Special initiatives include targeted efforts to send a toy to every child who lost a parent in the tragic 9/11 attacks as well as their latest endeavor to send toys to orphaned children in Afghanistan.

In the past four years, Kids Wish Network has provided well over a million dollars’ worth of gifts to Operation Toy Drop. This year, Kids Wish Network provided more than $280,000 in brand new toys and necessities to Operation Toy Drop for distribution to children across the country. With Kids Wish Network’s support, this was the second year that Operation Toy Drop was able to reach beyond the Army base at Fort Bragg to provide toys to benefit children in the care of shelters, children’s homes, advocacy centers, and Fisher Houses for military families in different states, including California, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, and Washington.

“It is great what Kids Wish Network has done in donating these toys for Operation Toy Drop,” said Sergeant First Class, Andy Yoshimura. “It is heartbreaking knowing that some kids out there might not have anything for the holidays, but this is great being able to give them all something to make them happy.”

“There is so much good to say about Kids Wish Network,” said Paula Gallero of the Fisher House Womack Army Medical Center in North Carolina, where children of military families reside while their parents receive medical care. “With these children, when their parents hurt, they hurt. And while they’re here, they are in unfamiliar surroundings and they feel left out. The toys you gave uplift their spirits and you don’t let them feel left out anymore. Thank you for all that you do.”

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Become a “Guardian Angel” for Kids in Need this Holiday Season: Donate Your Products to Kids Wish Network

Posted in Press Releases on December 13th, 2012

There is nothing quite like bringing a smile to the face of a child whose days have been darkened by homelessness, illness, poverty, neglect, or abuse. You, too, can create these smiles by becoming a “Guardian Angel” donor for international children’s charity Kids Wish Network.

 An overwhelming number of families are flooding into shelters, and seeking assistance from outreach programs and charities nationwide. The majority are no longer able to provide even the most basic necessities, let alone toys and educational products, for their children. Kids Wish Network needs the help of caring companies to give these kids the joy and comfort they so deserve during their times of need.  

Each and every day, all year round, Kids Wish Network works tirelessly to brighten the lives of courageous kids in the care of hospitals and other facilities through their Holiday of Hope Gift Bank program, as well as to at-risk children across the country through “Kids Wish Network On Tour.” Both programs provide toys, clothes, educational products, and other necessities, to children facing difficult circumstances nationwide.

Kids Wish Network relies on the generosity of manufacturers and companies nationwide to donate their products to these brave children, and each donor is proudly honored as a “Guardian Angel” for kids in need.

If your company manufactures or distributes toys, clothes, books, accessories, games, activity kits, or other items appropriate for children from infancy to 18, please contact Kids Wish Network’s Distribution Center. Any help would be tremendously appreciated and every donation is given directly to the children. 

For more information, please visit www.kidswishnetwork.orgIf you would like to donate merchandise, please call 727- 937-3600 or toll free at 888-918-9004.

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Learning Resources® Answers Kids Wish Network’s Plea for Educational Products for Kids in Need

Posted in Press Releases on December 6th, 2012

HOLIDAY, Fla. – International children’s charity Kids Wish Network put out a plea for educational products to distribute to children in need and received a very generous first time donation of educational toys and games for kids of all ages from Learning Resources.

Learning Resources in Vernon Hills, Illinois is a leading global manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational products trusted by teachers and parents, and loved by children. Their mission is to “support teachers and parents by providing unique, high-quality educational tools that enhance instruction and provide engaging learning experiences that meet children’s individual needs.” Their products work by building “skills in all subject areas through exploration, imagination and fun” for children of all ages and ability levels, including products specifically designed for children with special needs.

When Kids Wish Network put out a plea to the toy industry for educational products to bring the fun of learning to children facing difficulties such as poverty and homelessness, Learning Resources® immediately responded with a large donation of their educator-designed toys and games suitable for children in a range of age groups.

Included in the donation from Learning Resources were Twist & Learn Busy Bus toys, Twist & Match Monsters, Egg Carton Math Games, See Spot Spell Word Building games, Spin for Letters word games, Alpha-Bug Soup word games, and Alphabet Picture Cubes.

Children dealing with the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect, homelessness, and other difficult circumstances often have a hard time focusing in school and learning may even become tiresome to them. With the engaging nature of the games and toys from Learning Resources®, learning once again becomes fun and approachable for kids of all backgrounds and situations.

Each and every product from Learning Resources will be distributed directly into the hands of children nationwide through Kids Wish Network’s unique Holiday of Hope Gift Banks and Kids Wish Network On Tour programs.  Both programs bring joy to children all across the country facing the difficult circumstances of illnesses, abuse, neglect or homelessness by providing them with toys, books, clothes, educational products, games and other necessities.

For their dedication to making education enjoyable for kids of all ages and abilities with their range of games and toys, Kids Wish Network would like to send a huge thank you to Learning Resources, one of their newest “Guardian Angel” donors.

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If your company manufactures or distributes toys, gifts, educational products, clothes, games, accessories, electronics or other items geared towards children and teenagers, please contact Kids Wish Network’s Distribution Center. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  For more information on Kids Wish Network, please visit

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