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NEW YORK, NY (February 17, 2018) – As the toy industry gathers for the American International Toy Fair, industry veterans Keith Meggs and Paul Fish announce the founding of their new venture – Far Out Toys, Inc.   


The pair, who first met many years ago as executives at Mattel, put their aggressive plan into action in January 2017 with a vision to launch their first products in the fall of 2018. Along the way, the opportunity arose to put a new spin on the classic Splash Out toy. They put their heads together, moved up the timeline, and created a new and improved play experience AND are getting the product to retail shelves this spring! For this fall, Far Out Toys is also introducing an innovative car racing set that features spectacular high-speed, motorized crashes for $40.


“Innovation, speed to market and solid play experiences with superior price value are what our team aims to deliver,” says Mr. Meggs, chief executive officer.


With six-plus decades in the industry at large toy companies, Mr. Meggs and Mr. Fish established the new streamlined company, void of the bureaucracy that often stalls product development, enabling them to make the kind of quick decisions that can identify new product concepts and get a product like the re-imagined Splash Out to market in under eight months. Mr. Meggs has more than 35 years in the industry including his work as a senior vice president at Mattel Toys. In his first go-round as an entrepreneur, he co-founded The Maya Group that achieved nearly $100 million in sales in 2012 by successfully launching innovative new boys and girls activity and sports toys.  Mr. Fish started out in the toy industry in 1990 and also includes an impactful history at Mattel as well as Bandai and Spin Master.  It’s their experience in product development and their relationships with inventors and retailers that have fueled their fast-start business.


With fourth quarter plans that focus on Crash X Racers, Far Out Toys stands out with its mission to deliver fun and engaging play experiences as the starting point, rather than reliance on today’s hottest technology.


“We took a look at the marketplace and didn’t see what kids really want in the vehicle category,” says Mr. Fish, chief brand officer.  “We took basic racing play and gave it the kind of action that’s been missing – realistic crashing consequences!”


With the new Crash X Racers, when two cars collide, they break apart into bits and pieces.  To keep the action going, Far Out Toys figured out a way to incorporate a flash charger system and interchangeable parts so kids can race, wreck and rebuild over and over again.



Keith Meggs is a third generation toy industry executive with more than 35 years of experience in creation, engineering and production of consumer products.  As the former Senior Vice President of Mattel Toys, Keith led product design, development, engineering and manufacturing for such famous brands as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Polly Pocket, He-Man, WWE, Toy Story, Uno, Disney and dozens more. He is the co-founder of The Maya Group that designs and markets toys distributed in all major retailers worldwide. The group achieved nearly $100 million in sales in 2012 by successfully launching innovative new boys and girls activity and sports toys before Keith elected to return to his consulting business full time.



Paul Fish has more than 25 years of toy industry experience in Marketing, Design, Development and International Brand Management across all toys and games categories at Mattel, Spin Master, Bandai and others.  After launching Mattel’s perennial Max Steel brand and acquiring the Harry Potter master toy license, he spent nearly four years leading Mattel’s marketing efforts across Europe, growing Boys Toys revenues by over 50 percent. He returned to manage all functions of Mattel’s radio control business and earned the Toy Industry Association’s 2006 Boys Toy of the Year award, before moving on to top Global Brand Management positions at Playmates, Spin Master and Bandai.




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Jeff Mumford Named as President and CEO

CLACKAMAS, OR – February 14, 2018 – Oregon-based Hog Wild Toys, LLC, is excited to announce a new owner, effective immediately. Jeff Mumford, former VP of operations at the company, has purchased Hog Wild.


Mumford will lead the company, which was founded in 1996, as President and CEO. “I’m excited to return Hog Wild to an owner-operator model,” he said. “This is an opportunity to invest in the work I do everyday: finding the best way to make great toys.”


The company’s former CEO, Joe Roper, who led Hog Wild for more than 17 years, is retiring. “Joe has done an outstanding job over his long history at Hog Wild. His passion and dedication to the company has been remarkable,” said Mumford.  Roper will stay on as a consultant for the transition period.


Mumford is a young face at the CEO desk, but a veteran of the toy industry. He started unloading containers full of slingshots at Monkey Business Sports a decade ago. After a stint in operations and product development at Zing toys, Mumford moved to Hog Wild in 2011. In his time there, he has overseen the launch of the company’s Hong Kong office, as well as the debut of 200 new items.


“I couldn’t be more proud to lead this team, and to be able to invest in my passion,” said Mumford.  “I look forward to continuing Hog Wild’s legacy of producing outstanding, innovative toys.”


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FAYETTEVILLE, AR – February 13, 2018 – Evolution USA, LLC and Lisle Licensing have been named by OLO Industries, LLC, in partnership with RedwoodVentures, Ltd, as licensing agents around the globe for Smooshy Mushy™, the hugely successful squishable slow rise collectible line. Both will leverage the friend-inspired squish line, first introduced in Fall 2017, with its vast loyal consumer base.


“Over 50 million YouTube fans love our Smooshy Mushy brand and we have seen a huge community develop around our adorable slow rise line,” said Shelly Owen, Owner of OLO Industries. “We’re looking forward to building the Smooshy Mushy brand with consumers across numerous product categories, and we believe Evolution and Lisle Licensing are the absolute best partners to make this happen.”


Andy Wiseman, CEO of RedwoodVentures, manufacturer of the full Smooshy Mushy collectible line, said sales have been brisk since debuting in late October 2017.  “Smooshy Mushy was a sell-out in 2017 when exclusively available at Walmart,” he said. “Demand has remained extremely strong in 2018 as the line expands to Toys R Us, Target, Michaels, Amazon and other retailers, in addition to dozens of key world markets.”


Evolution USA, LLC, delivering extensive knowledge in multiple market segments such as entertainment, character brands, toys and more, will launch Smooshy Mushy brand licensing opportunities in North America and worldwide, excluding UK, EMEA and South Africa. Retail relationships will be expanded through representation in several categories such as Apparel, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Accessories, Soft Home Goods and more.


Lisle Licensing, who has managed brands across different categories of licensing since 2010, will customize a strategic brand and marketing program that supports the Smooshy Mushy trademark into additional categories in United Kingdom and Europe.

For more information about Smooshy Mushy, visit:


About Evolution USA, LLC

Evolution has the expertise to fully monetize all forms of intellectual properties through licensing and merchandising, digital monetization, promotions, location based entertainment, retail development and brand management on a global basis.  Evolution is also adept at managing manufacturing and distribution, which enables it to develop intellectual properties from concept to the retail shelf. 818 501 3186

About Lisle Licensing

Lisle Licensing takes a strategic, innovative approach to brand management and development that lends itself to delivering an all-round excellent service for its clients and partners.  With over 40 years of extensive market and category knowledge in multiple territories, Lisle Licensing possesses a unique combination of experience and youth, creating a fresh, innovative and proficient approach.  The team delivers first class programs for its clients, managing all strategy development, product approvals and royalty reporting for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Masha & The Bear, Nitro Circus, Studio Pets by Myrna, Tetris® and more.

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