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RedwoodVentures Launches Smashy Mashy Collectible Toy Line

Posted in Uncategorized on August 21st, 2018

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Aug. 21, 2018 — RedwoodVentures LLC, in partnership with OLO industries LLC, launches Smashy Mashy collectible line.


“Smooshy Mushy has been a tremendous success and as the brand has rapidly expanded, we’ve learned from our vast social media army that there’s opportunity across numerous demographics. Smashy Mashy is for boys, geeks, scientists, wanna-be aliens, gamers and our ever-passionate #smooshysquad everywhere.” Andy Wiseman, CEO, Redwood.


Creatures in series one include: Unipug, Laidback Llama, Sneakz the Alien and more. Each NACHO CHEESE scented creature comes in a stackable, reusable, hazardous waste container, which has a confounding ‘try-me’ disappearing green ooze feature. The container includes a unique Smashy Mashy Creature, a junk food buddy, sticker, and poster with a secret decoder.


The Smashy Mashy line is available now exclusively at Walmart stores for $9.94.


New Smooshy Mushy Baby Line to Launch Globally this Week

Posted in Uncategorized on August 7th, 2018

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Aug. 7, 2018 — RedwoodVentures LLC, in partnership with OLO industries LLC, launches Smooshy Mushy Baby this week, the newest line of collectible, scented, slow rising characters from the ever growing and wildly popular Smooshy Mushy lineup.


“We’re incredibly excited to introduce fans to the newest addition to the line! Smooshy Mushy has taken the globe by storm, as the absolute leader in tactile, sensory-pleasing collectibles, and Smooshy Mushy Baby adds a new cast characters in the most adorable form ever – pudgy little cuddly babies. The special “magic” milk – and the oversized collectible bottle is loaded with sweet surprises and activity that makes for a rich discovery and play experience.” said Andy Wiseman, CEO, RedwoodVentures.


The new Smooshy Mushy Baby bottle, with magic disappearing milk, includes a Smooshy Mushy Baby, “plushie” friend, a tiny baby bottle, blingy ball chains, a name tag, sticker and collector poster which doubles as a birth certificate. The new line includes waves of collectible characters, each with different hair colors, themes and accessories. The line is available around the world and here in the US at Target, Walmart and other retailers for $14.99