LOS ANGELES, CA — October 21, 2019 — YULU, the international family toy and entertainment company, today debuts its first music video for its #SNAPSTAR brand of fully articulated fashion dolls.  “Born to be Stars” is the de facto anthem of the innovative doll brand that uses a free app to glam-up and customize the #SNAPSTAR dolls.  The music video features an original song written and produced especially for the video. The video features cutting-edge cinematic-quality avatars of the dolls dancing to the music.  The video drops today with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video and creation of the avatars.  Consumers can watch here.

“The innovation in our toys must also be extended into our marketing of the brand,” said Jochem van Rijn and Thijmen de Schipper, co-founders of YULU.  #SNAPSTAR is a content driven brand and our new music video with 3D avatars is a perfect example of how kids relate to brands and develop an emotional connection. The song is representative of every kid’s dream of being heard and understood.”

The YULU marketing and entertainment teams identified and tracked the current use of avatars trending within the fashion, video game and music industries. “Motion capture is replacing traditional computer animation in movies and television, said Bob Aniello, General Manager, YULU Entertainment. “The technology is faster and more cost effective. The result is more real human-like movements and reactions since you are actually capturing the motion of a living being vs. having to animate the movement.”

The #SNAPSTAR music video, produced at the YULU entertainment studios and Mobile Motion Studios in Los Angeles, was eight months in the making.  Hundreds responded to the casting call as the team worked to identify the right actors and singers to cast as the #SNAPSTAR doll avatars. Different actors consisting of top-notch dancers were used for the motion capture sequences, while professional recording artists were used for the vocals in the song. “Matching body movements from one person with the vocals from another was a technology challenge, but it all blended together in the end,” said Aniello.

The “Born to be Stars” music video features avatars of two of the seven the #SNAPSTAR dolls:  Echo and, appropriately, Yuki the DJ.  Additional music will be released in the coming months.  The video coincides and supports one of YULU’s #SNAPSTAR playsets for the doll line:  Echo’s Debut on the Pink Carpet.  The set comes complete with 10 pieces, including double-sided backdrop, exclusive “pink carpet” outfit for the doll, removable wig, working lights and more. The set is available exclusively at Targetfor $24.99.

Introduced in early 2019, the #SNAPSTAR doll brand features a collection of trend-setting dolls, playsets, clothing and accessories, all ready to immerse tech savvy high schoolers into exciting worlds of what’s “hot and happening” around the globe in fashion, beauty, photography and design. Consumers can check out the squad www.snapstarworld.com.

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